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TESPA is an Internet of Things (IoT) development platform. Arduino-compatible, Wi-Fi enabled and ready to use cloud service that makes Internet of things in 10 minutes. The platform includes the following:

  • Hardware: A complete set of TESPA Hawk main board and WINGs the add-on peripheral modules to enhance the power and functionality.
  • Software: Free and easy to use opensource libraries for every Wing on the Arduino IDE
  • Mobile App: Free to download app to use with TESPA cloud
  • Cloud Service: Free and highly customizable cloud for every TESPA Hawk

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Main Hardware

The main hardware is an electronic Wi-Fi microcontroller board called “Hawk”. It is based on a popular ESP8266 WiFi chip set and ARM microprocessor. We work closely together with the Espressif and STMicro to engineer this board with the highest quality components.


TESPA Hawk features:

Hawk is a Wi-Fi micro-controller board, based on the popular ESP8266 WiFi chip set and 32-Bit ARM CORTEX-M0 microprocessor which the design team worked closely with Espressif and ST Micro to make sure the board is in high quality and full features

  • ESP8266 Wifi Chip 80MHz, 8MByte Flash
  • STM32F042G6 ARM Cortex-M0 48MHz, 32KByte Flash
  • Build-in USB to serial
  • All ESP8266 pins are accessable
  • Total of 5-CH full range 3.3V ADC (4x 12-bit, 1x 10-bit)
  • Status RGB LED
  • Auto upload program, no need to press the button
  • Supply voltage: 3.3V-16V (on-board 3.3V and 5V regulator with auto-select)


“Hawk” comes with a set of 20 “Wings”, the add on sensor and actuator boards that cover your need to create various IoT Solution.


A set of 20 add-on sensor and actuator boards

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“TESPA is jointly-produced by an alliance of three leading IoT development companies: Maker Asia, Gravitech, Deaware.

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"TESPA’ is jointly-produced by an alliance of three leading IoT development companies:

  • MakerAsia, an IoT cloud platform for makers
  • Gravitech, a leading hardware manufacturer
  • Deaware, one of the best embedded software developer

Thank you all of our partners to help us on TESPA development:

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